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Aytaş Aydınlatma'ya Hoşgeldiniz

Sepetiniz boş


The idea of standardizing on an industrial scale, and using polymers, a number of articles that used to be produced in small quantities and in a variety of materials, was the brainchild of STEAB’s founder, Belisario Pini, who possess exceptional technical capability and insight. STEAB “Studio Tecnico E Applicazione Brevetti” (Technical Projects and Patents Application Company), began with small screws, washers and nuts, creating a range of alternative products to those on the market. Thus a “product demand” was created, the technical requirements having already been achieved. More items were produced and consideration given to adapting them to all possible applications, developing a line of original articles which were launched in different fields of application from those for which they were intended,

STEAB’s products were therefore created to meet the required functions, the Company to provide the desired product.

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