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Salcavi Industrie is the name the three companies held by the Sebastiani family (SALCAVI SPA, SALCAVI TECHNIC SPA e ROPLAST SRL) use jointly on the market. 

The business is performed in the Talamello (Rimini - Italy) plants where, in 1980, the founder Alessandro Sebastiani transferred the company from its previous location in Milan. Thanks to the commitment, enthusiasm and experience of the owner, SALCAVI SPA, was followed by SALCAVI TECHNIC SPA and subsequently by the acquisition of ROPLAST SRL. 

The three companies stand out each for a specific production, which allows to guarantee our customers a broad range of products. 

SALCAVI SPA focuses on the production of IMQ-HAR marked electric cables, to complement our PVC and high or low temperature cross-linked rubber cable range, extensible cords, cables made with halogen-free flame retardant blends, of in flame retardant, low fume and chlorhidric acid emission PVC cables, cables for the automotive sector, as well as control and high temperature excursion cables. 

SALCAVI TECHNIC SPA specialises in the production of highly specialised cables for a range of applications, including the household appliance, lighting design and automotive industries. Consolidated cables (for high temperatures, UL-marked cables, speakers, microphone and lighting cables) are now complemented with new products, such as insulated cross-linked thermoplastic rubber cables (TECHPRENE), immersion cables (oil, hydrocarbons, waste water and drinking water), besides a broad range of PUR and new material cables such as SOFTECH, which guarantees high flexibility and fire containment, or TECHGUM, which combines temperature flexibility and fire containment to good mechanical strain resistance and TECHFREE combines the above properties with the complete absence of halogens in the materials used to make them-free materials. 

ROPLAST SRL manufactures power supply cords with non-rewirable moulded plugs and IEC connectors, with all most important international standards, as well as retractile cords with plug and customized-length cords with crimped terminals. The small size of the company allows to offer a wide range of customized products and to supply small batches, ensuring in any case an high quality level.

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